What & Why !

So it begins again, dreaded fears

Overwhelming sobbing tears

Stinging down my rosy cheeks

Why must I always feel so weak

Do I deserve all this demise

I look into my lifeless eyes

All I wanted was a normal life

Maybe one day become a wife

Do we really know, do we care

If hurt once the scar is there

Buried deep within your soul

To carry on, to reach your goal

It doesn’t get easier, not at all

No one there to stop your fall

All the years of fighting on

Trying hard to stay strong

You carry on, but slowing down

Keep upright, afix your crown

knowing that the day will come

I’ll be beside my angel mum

Light & Love

Published by Grandmabear4464

I am a 58 year old Daughter,Sister,Mama,Aunty & Grandma Bear 🐻 I have varied interests, including Writing Poetry 📝Medicine👩🏼‍⚕️Discovery Channel. I lost my dear angel mum in April 2020 to Dementia/Parkinson’s. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak I couldn’t be with my dear mum when she made her journey to heaven. 🥺 I’m still grieving and it doesn’t matter that I knew one day my dear mum was going to go, it still hit me hard. I cry most days but I’m also trying to build myself a life too, my dear mum was my life and unfortunately I couldn’t save her from such a terrible, heartbreaking disease. I raised money for research and still do to this day I pray everyday that there will soon be a cure. I write short stories but mostly poetry about my feelings, it’s like a therapy for me. To anyone who is going through or has been through such an awful sad journey please don’t be afraid to open your heart. There’s so many people going through tragic journeys we know little about but a comforting word of support and kindness goes a long way. Stay safe everyone and be kind to one another. Blessings 💜🙏🏼

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